Forum Title: How Do You Find Good Workers?
Quote: Finding good employees is hard in any industry, but it seems even harder for those businesses that are linked to construction. For painters, it can be hard to find laborers and experienced painters who can provide professional-quality work and follow directions well. Looking for Better Employees? What methods do you use to find good workers?
Category: Painter Post By: TERRY NGUYEN (Orange, CA), 07/12/2019

I haven't had to find employees for a job in a long time, but I did read some great advice a while back. This only applies if you're willing to train a newbie. When you're out doing non-work stuff, keep an eye out. At the grocery store, gas station, box store, Walmart, whatever. If you pay attention, you will notice that sometimes there's a person working a crappy job that still always has a smile on their face, knows what they're talking about, and does their job well. These people are out there, and they exist, if you watch for them. When you notice someone doing a great job at a crappy workplace, offer them a job. Explain why you're better to work for than whoever they're working for now (assuming you; if you're not, be better!). You'd be surprised how many great employees you can find that way. I'd take someone I knew was going to be positive and intelligent who had no idea what they were doing over someone who has some experience but has a crappy attitude any day of the week. Yes, training new employees is expensive and time consuming, but if you pick the right employees to train it will pay off in the end. When you post a job listing or something like that, you get people who are looking for money. They want a job. They're trying to impress you, and they're gonna say whatever they can to get you to give them the job. But if someone impresses you in their normal workplace, you know that person is being honest- they aren't trying to impress you. They're just good at what you do. Get honest people.

- ELEANOR SIMS (Gaithersburg, MD), 08/19/2019

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