Forum Title: Have you ever painted in a haunted house?
I think the house I'm working at this month is haunted. The first three days went fine nothing weird but the house is big and old and empty and spooky. Yesterday I cranked the radio upstairs so I could hear the music downstairs. In a few minutes I heard knocking coming from upstairs so I went up and turned the music down. Then a while later it sounded like something fell upstairs but nothing fell. I turned the music off. And a while after that the doorbell rang (one of those doorbells that goes on forever and plays a creepy old tune) but nobody was outside. There's an attic which you couldn't pay me to go into. But I know there aren't any animals up there. I'm going to bring my dog over this morning and see if she gets weirded out at all. I want to listen to music while I work so we're going to have to come to some sort of agreement. I haven't told the HO probably won't.
Category: Painter Post By: EILEEN BYRD (Jersey City, NJ), 07/01/2019

Eff that I'm a giant whimp when it comes to that kinda stuff. I'd be like Feet don't fail me now! and make a bee line for the door.

- SHAWN SULLIVAN (Worcester, MA), 08/01/2019

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