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Hey folks...I have not posted in a bit . I have encountered a problem and am sort of looking for a Silver Bullet solution which there might not be one of . I received a call from a local church the other day after their sump pump quit on them in the basement and then the furnace kicked in and turned the whole church into a steam bath whereas they had steam everywhere such that the water was running off the seats and wood work/walls which are 10 feet high and it appears to have damaged the existing varnish finish which I expect is probably 40 years old . The walls which are finished in wood panels have that yellowed varnish look and they have white blotchy spots on them from the dampness I assume . It does sand out when hit with the sand paper as it turns into dust quickly but then it takes 4 coats of oil based varnish to make it fit in without noticing it from side on . Also at the top of these panels there are big loops/sags of crystalized/raised/crackled? varnish it looks like . I have to use a coarse sandpaper to sand it off . Does anybody know of a product that could make this an easier process other than sanding and applying four finish coats ? I have tried some shellac on a panel and one coat over it...and will light sand and do another coat on Monday . I hope that will work . Any suggestions or tips on working with damaged varnish I would greatly appreciate . This could be a huge job and it is covered by insurance ....we just want to get it done right and as quickly as possible . BTW...can you still buy a Sand & Sealer in an oil base and is Shellac as good a sealer as the above ? I wish I had some pics ...I'll see if my camera is of high enough quality to capture this on Monday but if you have any suggestions in the meantime I am all ears . There are also [65] eight ft seats that are damaged much the same as the wood panels . It looks like about 20 gallons per coat....lot of misery LOL .
Category: Painter Post By: TERRY NGUYEN (Lenexa, KS), 07/02/2019

I wonder if there is a solvent you could wipe it with to release the moisture/white look and than just a coat of varnish? I seem to remember some one on here left a cup on a grand piano and it left a moisture ring and there was a whole discussion about how to remove them and other moisture marks on wood.

- DEBRA ADAMS (Ventura, CA), 08/04/2019

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