Forum Title: Cleaning Your Brushes?
Quote: Everyone's had that one job they were just glad was finally over ' that one job where you decided enough was enough, skimped on cleanup and just threw your supplies in the truck so you could get home and unwind. But after a couple days of recovery, you came back to find that, in your haste, you hadn't rinsed or cleaned your brushes and they were a hardened, caked-on mess of paint and sadness. Extending Brush Life with Brush Cleaners How long are YOU able to make a brush last? I saw a discussion about Facebook on this and one of the painters mentioned that he simply throws away his brushes after every job and starts fresh. Seriously? Is that the norm?
Category: Painter Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Everett, WA), 07/22/2019

I have a couple 3 brushes that are almost 2 years old. My regular corona Cortez 2.5 are almost 1 year and perform great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

- SALLY NEWMAN (Syracuse, NY), 08/12/2019

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