Secret of metallic glasses revealed

Top 10 master Painting contractors - Forum With Technicians - It also points to the versatility and the growing importance of glass in a variety of applications. . The confirmation of the theory about how metallic glass forms opens up new opportunities to make new metallic glass mixtures with potentially novel characteristics ..More

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Colorado School gets glass strength grant

Locate Painting inspection contractors - Painting Support Blogs - Understanding the mechanisms that make glass weak may help scientists develop new manufacturing methods or discover new materials that can enhance the strength of glass. . The researchers will examine flaws in glass and glass components that set or contribute to inherent weaknesses in finished glass ..More

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Australian Researchers Develop Glass Coating

Search and locate Painting contractors - Resources & Guides - installation & repair - It is also UV resistant, so it won’t break down when it is exposed to sunlight. Other formulations may result in coatings that offer self-cleaning properties or resistance to oil. . The newly developed coating is very strong, which means that coating can be used in hostile environments. The technique used by the researchers can be tweaked to produce specialized coatings that resist corrosion or abrasion ..More

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Window glass could improve mobile signals

Local Painting contractors - Repair Tech Blogs - Researchers at EPFL suspected that by modifying the metallic coating between window panes, they could reflect heat waves that would otherwise make the cars uncomfortably warm while admitting telecommunications signals. . . By laser-scribing the metallic coating to remove a small amount of it, the researchers were able to admit cellular signals without compromising the energy-efficiency of the windows ..More

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Glass could contain radioactive waste

Popular nationwide Painting repair contractors - Painting DIY Blog Pages - The US Department of Energy was one of the primary funding sources for the research. Being able to dispose of the exhausted rods safely could make nuclear power more attractive. Although the Rutgers research has concentrated on radioactive iodine, the method may be useful in encapsulating other forms of radioactive waste, including spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants. . Currently, spent fuel rods are stored in place at nuclear power plants. . The DOE hopes to use the findings to address the broader issue of radioactive waste containment and disposal ..More

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